Muhammet ER

Muhammet Er graduated from Selçuk University Mechanical Engineering and then proceeded to obtain his master’s degrees in Energy Science and Technology at Istanbul Technical University. After master’s degree, his PhD education is currently ongoing at the same university and the same department.

Starting his professional life at KOS Energy is the KOS (Konya Organized Industry Zone) subsidiary as a project coordinator, he took part in   business development study in a number of energy projects.

After leaving KOS Energy, he worked as project engineer & biogas and landfill application expert in Topkapı Industry for 5 years. Er managed cogeneration/ trigeneration systems, design, planning, application and commissioning in several project.

Er is the founder of EBTS Energy, provide consultancy service to related firms.

Prof Dr. Üner ÇOLAK

Prof Dr. Üner Çolak graduated from Istanbul Technical University and then completed his master’s and PhD degrees at Iowa State University, worked as research assistant for 4 years. Prof. Dr. Çolak focused on solar, thermal and nuclear energy systems, when turned back to Turkey, he started working as assistant professor in Nuclear Energy Engineering at Hacettepe University. After he became associate professor and professor, he carried out positions as head and chief of department.

Since 2013, Prof Dr. Çolak has been working as head of department of renewable energy. Some of lectures given by him are the principles of nuclear energy, thermal solar power plants, and cogeneration and waste heat recovery systems.

Prof. Dr. Çolak is in EBTS Energy consultative committee, he is also supportive some projects directly.